Scada & Commissioning

Mantha Group (Pty) Ltd strength is in the design, engineering and commissioning of the Control System. We have vast knowledge on ABB, Schneider, GE, Honeywell and many other DCS systems. As part of our Scada development and commissioning strategy, commissioning activities commence once all equipment installation has been completed, we cover activities such as

  1. Plant communication infrastructure
  2. Cold-commissioning (no power in plant yet)
  3. String combiner boxes
  4. Inverter cold-commissioning
  5. Sub-station tests
  6. Hot-commissioning (plant is energized)
  7. Grid energization of sub-station and plant
  8. Inverter station hot-commissioning
  9. Tracker commissioning
  10. SCADA system
  11. Control Room Design and Installation (Control Desk, Video Wall and Lighting)
  12. Power Plant Controller

Mantha Group (Pty) Ltd solution delivery is unique and of quality. All the hardware and software are packaged for transport to, and installation of the solution at the client site, with major focus on SHEQ.

  1. Installation – all necessary instrumentation, computer hardware, software and peripheral equipment are delivered to site, installed into its final position and started up
  2. Site Acceptance Testing – the procedure that verifies that the factory tested system successfully operates in the real plant environment, and communicates to the neighbouring systems, devices, etc.
  3. Commissioning – on site user assistance in their day-to-day operation of the system, and the fixing of any problems or defects that might become evident on the system
  4. Training – ensures that the client is to a large extent self-sufficient in the support and maintenance of the system, after project completion.