Project Management

Managing the development of the Renewable Energy Plant project is a very complex task, there are multiple activities running in parallel. During the design phase of the project we divide the plant into smaller more manageable chucks in order to simplify the development activities, by doing this we ensure that we have more regular milestones in our construction schedule, which makes tracking progress much easier.

With the wealth of Project Management experience Mantha Group (Pty) Ltd has in the development of Renewable Plants, we have structured the process into a more feasible project plan, to ensure efficiency.

  1. Screening and planning
  2. Mobilization, Site and Admin
  3. PV Park
  4. HV Substation
  5. Transmission Lines
  6. Commissioning, Testing and Close out
  7. Operation

With many project stakeholders depending on the construction schedule, such as

  1. Grid operator
  2. EPC contractors and his partners (Project Managers, Engineers, Supply Chain, SPV)
  3. Sub-contractors, doing their own construction schedules also
  4. Sub-station contractor
  5. Module supplier
  6. Inverter supplier
  7. Sub-structure supplier
  8. SCADA System supplier
  9. Utility
  10. Independent Engineer

It is very important to have Project Managers with vast experience in such construction projects, which is where Mantha Group (Pty) Ltd excels