IT Security & Operation

Mantha Group (Pty) Ltd offers Integrated Cyber Security for Maximum Power Plant Availability. Energy-related cyber attacks are on a rise, ICS-CERT statistics show a strong focus on Energy sector, where attackers tried to access both business (IT) and control system (OT) infrastructure

Evolution of energy market and technology is rapidly increasing, considering Generation 4.0 Heterogeneous energy fleet with centralized and decentralized power generation and intelligent assets, Industry4.0 with the aid of highly digitalized and flexible value chains with small batch sizes, 5G Networks.

Cyber Security needs to be more and more tighter. Mantha Group (Pty) Ltd is always thinking ahead for the needs of power plant owners. Renewable Energy Plant are always located at remote places and the need for Remote Operation and Access is a must, hence preparation for Security is a must. Mantha Group (Pty) Ltd has a team IT specialist to help our clients plan for the future.

  1. Network Architecture
  2. Control System Design, HW & SW
  3. Instrumentation
  4. Data Acquisition & Knowledge Base
  5. Information Systems and Security
  6. Plant System Remote Access

Our IT Security & Operations Soultions are not only limited to ICT network of the automation system in power plant. We also plan for Security Control in general, such as:

  1. Perimeter fencing
  2. Electric Fencing
  3. CCTV
  4. Access Control (Biometric, facial recognition and card readers)

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